Bail Process In Butte , Helena, MT And Boise, ID

Once a friend or family member is accused of committing a crime they are taken to county jail and are given the opportunity to post bail. All misdemeanor offenses have a statutory bond amount that has already been pre-set. A felony offense requires the inmate to go in front of a judge before a bond is set. Depending on the allegations against the defendant and the inmates prior record as well as the ties the inmate has to the community will be the determining factors the judge uses when setting bail.

The inmate will be given the opportunity to contact a bondsman or a loved one to get them out of jail until the court date is set. The bondsman will work with the family and give them all the options necessary to help the family during this difficult time. We will make phone calls for the inmate and work with the friends and family in the area to the defendant out as quickly as possible. We will treat each individual with the respect they deserve. We do not judge based on the crime alleged or the prior record.

We do require a cosigner on all of our bonds that we post. A cosigner guarantees that the defendant will appear to his/her court dates until the defendant is either sentenced on the case or if the case gets dismissed. It is the overall final court date. The cosigner is financially liable for the full bond amount if the court date is missed. If the defendant fails to appear in court, it is the cosigners responsibility to work the bond company on either locating the defendant or working with them to get the warrant quashed. It would depend on the circumstances as to why the court date was missed.

The purpose of posting bail gives the defendant the opportunity to prepare his/her case and any possible defenses they may have. It also allows them to keep working that way they can continue to provide for their families and not lose their employment sitting in jail waiting for the future court dates. We will offer interest free payment plans if the defendant and/or the family is having a difficult time getting the premium. We will base the payments on the monthly income of the cosigner as well as the defendant. We want to guarantee that the payments will be made on time and not leave our clients struggling financially.